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Engineering Services Lightning & Surge Protection and Grounding Systems

100 lightning strikes/sec, occurring our planet continuously. While, lightning creates major upsets and significant revenue losses to the economy, safety from its effects is rarely employed proactively. It is impossible to ensure 100% protection against lightning but the deployment of a holistic, systematic approach can mitigate the hazards.

Lightning can strike anywhere. It can strike directly on our building; or it can strike on the Power, Communication, Control or Data lines connected to the building; or it can even strike on the Ground adjacent to the building. Each case will result in significant damages to the structure or the equipments inside. Each case does also pose a different technological challenge in the design of the protection system.

  • Against Direct strikes to the building - we must provide Lightning protection.
  • Against the strikes on the lines or on the ground adjacent to the building – we must provide Surge protection

The grounding serves as strong back up for both the protections.